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About us

Gato's Pastizzi specialises in manufacturing pastry products for the high end retail and food service sectors where the focus on presentation, taste and the use of quality ingredients is paramount. 

Our pastizzi products are available in fifteen varieties of fillings, enclosed in a hand formed shell of crisp, rolled, flake pastry. The large range includes; Ricotta, ricotta & spinach, peas and beef, mushy peas, feta & ricotta, curried beef, chicken & vegetables, pizza style, chicken & mushrooms, tandoori chicken, chili con carne, apple, strawberry & ricotta, blueberry & ricotta and curried vegetables.

Our factory outlet stocks the full range of Pastizzi Products including our expanding range of Maltese Pasta Products. These now include the ever popular Traditional Ricotta Ravioli, Jumbo Ricotta Ravioli and Jumbo Ricotta, Peas & Bacon Ravioli as well as sauces to match. We are also now diversifying into the manufacture of traditional Maltese Cuisine for our discerning customers. Our first product in this line is Baked Macaroni with Chicken or Corned Beef.

Pastry lovers in Queensland, West Australia and South Australia along with New South Wales now have access to and are enjoying our products through the numerous outlets we now supply. We are currently looking for a distributor that can bring the taste sensation of Gatos Pastizzi to the people of Victoria.

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